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Celebrate Diwali a Long Weekend in Goa

Diwali, the festival of lights, is the grandest festival in India that lights up the country in beautiful colours and lights. The mood is always festive and upbeat as everyone gets ready to celebrate. From last-minute shopping to decorations, to instant travel plans, and much more. Goa is always a favourite destination for family, solo, or couple Diwali holidays. Several hotels and hostels are experiencing massive surges in bookings for stays this season. White Flower Morjim, a resort in north Goa, plays host to many guests who are out to cherish this great festival with a difference and you will enjoy your long weekend in Goa.

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Things you can do to celebrate Diwali in Goa

There are multiple things to think about and do on a long weekend in Goa.

  • Savour the rich Konkan and Indian food heritage:

For foodies at heart, there’s no limit to the delicious cuisines that await you in Goa this Diwali. It’s often said that the best way to learn or explore a new culture is through its food. Food brings people together for unique experiences in tasting the various delights. Be it sea food, Indian, continental, or multi-cuisine varieties, Goa has it all to make this Diwali extra special. Why not give your taste buds a sensational treat by sampling all the various types of seafood, Goan delicacies, and other delicacies? The gourmet expedition cannot dissapoint every sworn foodie.

  • Enjoy some beach sun and fun.:

India’s coastline on the Arabian Sea in Goa presents magnificent beaches to explore. This can be great for solos, couples, or families. You can enjoy maximum sunbathing, run in the sand, scour the beach coastline to learn about India’s rich natural heritage, or enjoy some exciting water sports.

  • Go to some decent themed-based parties:

There is a wrong misconception that parties are for the morally bankrupt. Yet, this is totally wrong. Some parties are themed for families, couples, and singles. Other parties are non-alcoholic and encourage celebration, for what Diwali really represents is the triumph of good over evil. This is one activity to do to relax and have fun. Just to chill and relax with friends as the year winds down in a month. Reflect, relax, and come back recharged for the exciting year ahead.

  • Go beach-hopping and enjoy the beautiful sights:

Goa has some of the best beaches in India. FromBaga Beach, Anjuna Beach, Morjim Beach, Calangute Beach, Vagator Beach, Palolem Beach, Chapora Beach, to Agonda Beach, and many more. Each beach in Goa has a unique feel and vibe, perfect for a long weekend getaway. The mesmerising sights will add depth and variety to the holiday experience.

  • Go snorkelling, scuba diving, wind surfing, or water skiing:

If you are fearless and adventurous, this can be a great way to pass the long Diwali weekend in Goa. Let the inner explorer enjoy various water activities at various places. Water skiing, scuba diving, and windsurfing are the most popular water sports. There are other water sports that defy classification yet are loaded with fun and excitement.

  • Enjoy historical monuments and learn history:

History teaches us about the past and how it played a part in shaping the future. Forts, temples, churches, museums, artefacts, and other important milestones are there to explore. There is a lot to see and appreciate about India’s rich cultural heritage.

  • Try your hand at local casinos if you feel inclined:

Without a doubt, Goa is the best place to chill on such a long Diwali weekend. With no work pressure or commitments, you can bet and enjoy some wins at several floating casinos. Casinos attract an urban tourist population that is out to savour the best entertainment, fun, and relaxation spots.

  • Shop at the flea markets and learn the art of bargaining:

In India, open-air markets and bazaars exist almost everywhere. The uniqueness of Goa’s flea markets is the diversity of goods at the best prices, if you know how to bargain. Check the goods thoroughly before committing to a purchase.


The reality is that there is so much to do, and sometimes even a one-time visit may not be sufficient. Goa keeps beckoning its guests back with tempting experiences and moments. Make efforts to reserve the best places to stay to enjoy all these pleasures in comfort. White Flower Morjim is a perfectly located resort in north Goa that will add fun and delight.

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