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A Complete Guide On Where To Stay In North Goa In 2024

The monsoon has just set in, and for many travelers, this is a pause button. For ardent tourists, Goa is always beckoning, and the White Flower Morjim has always been spruced up to welcome adventurous and discovery-minded tourists.

If you love scenic views, swimming, great food, comfortable accommodations, internet broadband, great services, and more, White Flower Morjim offers all this and more. The resort in Morjim is a real-world fantasy filled with unique experiences. A visit to Goa is incomplete without a royal stay at the best resort in north Goa.

In this blog, we provide you with a complete guide to the best place to stay in Morjim, North Goa. We also elaborate on the types of services and amenities offered.

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Plan Adequately for Your Goa Holiday

You cannot start or embark on a holiday without proper planning. There are several stay options to choose from, yet the best-themed resort near Morjim Beach strikes a different chord. It makes you appreciate pristine beaches, lush greenery, and a laid-back feeling. Besides, you are in the embrace of luxury, elegance, and comfort. You have modern amenities to simplify your Goan vacation.

Pick the Best Resort in North Goa to Stay at

The best resort in North Goa is the White Flower, which offers the best scenic views in this holiday paradise. From Morjim to Vagator, Calangute, Anjuna, and Baga. However, a scenic Morjim resort covers long distances of views to evoke a paradise-like feeling. Morjim’s best resort, White Flower, is an oasis of calm and tranquility, ensuring tourists have something new to see and marvel at each time they are in Goa.

Make A Proper Itinerary of What Interests You

Are you an outdoors person who loves and appreciates nature, or do you simply want to lie back and take in the sights while enjoying high-end hospitality? Do you love oceans and beaches or long drives? Are you fascinated by cultural values? Or do you try to experience every moment as it comes? The resort in North Goa incorporates Goan and Indian culture and yet remains centrally located to all these adventure traits. You can live here and experience Goa in comfort.


Ensure You Have the Essentials for Travel

Travel essentials make your journey easier, as they are necessary. They simplify your life and give you access to essential services, including paying for services like accommodation, food, transportation, personal care and hygiene, and more. Your documents and other vital items must always be on your packing list.

A Complete Guide to The Best Places to Stay in Goa in 2024

Valentine’s Week is just around the corner now, and for many travelers (especially lovebirds), this is a pause button. For couples as well as adventurous travelers, Goa is always beckoning, and the resorts have always been spruced up to welcome them.

Undoubtedly, North Goa is the best place to stay while on your trip if you really wish to experience the nightlife of Goa. There is no dearth of accommodation options in North Goa; from budgeted hotels to luxurious resorts, you can find everything. Your choice will depend on exactly what your preferences are.

Confused about where to stay in North Goa? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

In this blog, we’ll provide you with accommodation options ranging from budget-friendly to moderately priced and luxurious options in North Goa. you can consider staying in a while in Goa.

List of the Best Places to Stay in North Goa in 2024

Here are some of the top places that you can choose from to book your stay in North Goa.

White Flower Morjim

white flower morjim

White Flower Morjim is the best resort in North Goa, which is 1.5 km from Morjim Beach. It offers the best luxury amenities, like comfortable rooms (pool-view, field-view, and suites). It even has an outdoor swimming pool for guests to relax and chill at their leisure. With their great furnishings and modern amenities, they ensure that your stay at this resort is just perfect. Even if you are visiting Goa to celebrate the commencement of your new life with your beloved, this would be the best place that you can consider for your stay.

White Flower Cottages

white flower cottages

Another beautiful location to reside while in North Goa is White Flower Cottages, which is just 1 km away from Vagator Beach. The clean and pristine affordable accommodations, shared lounge, free private parking, multi-cuisine restaurant, and 24/7 bar are great hallmarks of this resort. Their cottages in North Goa are equipped with the best amenities and have direct access to the pool. Additionally, they have an in-house restaurant and bar, which allows you to enjoy. their delectable food and get booze to make your trip even more memorable.

Prive by White Flower


Prive by White Flower is a private pool resort in North Goa that is the ultimate destination for tourists to enjoy. Even if you are planning to visit Goa with your partner. this is the perfect place to enjoy quality time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Additionally, they have an in-house cafe and bar, which allows you to try out Goan scrumptious dishes at any hour of the day. You can even booze at their bar with a wide range of national as well as international drinks.

Swim Up by White Flower


Swim Up by White Flower is a resort in Vagator that offers an unparalleled experience that combines convenience, comfort, and indulgence for guests. They offer six beautifully designed rooms that offer a best-in-class experience. These are generously sized and furnished and are updated with the latest amenities, prioritizing utmost comfort and luxury. Also, they offer a private pool with each room to allow guests to enjoy their time in Goa to the fullest.

Anjoned Hostel & Cafe


Anjoned is the best hostel in Anjuna, which is the ultimate destination for backpackers. who want a memorable yet affordable stay while on a trip to Goa. They offer comfortable and clean dormitories and private rooms, budgeted according to the specific budget preferences of individuals. They even boast the best cafe in Anjuna, which serves a range of local and international dishes to its guests.

Sort by Stays

sort by stays

Sort By Stays is a well-known backpacker hostel in North Goa that allows individuals to feel the nightlife and vibrant culture of Goa to the fullest. Also, you can get the opportunity to meet other like-minded travelers and forge friendships for a lifetime. They offer dormitories and private rooms that are equipped with advanced amenities. You can even socialize with your friends and enjoy delectable dishes at their in-house cafe and bar.

Wrapping Up

Choosing where to stay in Goa is not at all an easy task, as there are several factors to consider. From the time period of your stay to the adventurous activities. that you’ll be doing, a lot of things need to be kept in mind.

But with the help of this guide, you’ll find a list of the best places to stay in North Goa. But if you’re confused about which place to choose, don’t worry; we’re going to help you.

White Flower Morjim, a resort in North Goa, combines access, affordability, attractions, hospitality, and a tranquil and calm environment to give tourists unforgettable holiday memories. They provide all the amenities at an affordable price.

So, book your stay and enjoy your trip to Goa to the fullest!

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White Flower Morjim is the best resort near Morjim Beach that provides all the amenities in affordable price.

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